Digital printing textiles

Scope of Use

Canvas - С 250-350

  • С 250-350
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Canvas for printing - strong woven fabric made from cotton or polyester fibers with a one-sided vinyl-coated plastic, preserving the texture of the fabric.

The strength of the material and its dimensional stability ensure the uniform tension of the canvas on the frame without sagging, and the distortion of the picture.

Printing on the canvas is the image with high quality and true color of the reproduction of the paintings, portraits, art and design graphics.

the fluctuation of the relative humidity do not affect the properties of the canvas, the image quality and the drying time of the inks on the surface. The great weight eliminates twisting of the material at the edges, because of this, it is easy to work with canvas.

Polyester Stylus - PES 210

  • 210
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